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Largest CR network in the Nordic countries

FIBS started up in 2000, when 13 visionary companies decided to establish a forum to meet the need of companies and the rest of the society for a common channel for exchanging and creating information.

We have helped companies to understand the opportunities of sustainable and responsible business better and added many new responsibility-related themes to the companies’ agenda, such as diversity management, natural capital and human rights. From the start, we have also cooperated actively with CSR Europe, WBCSD and other international operators in the field, and in exchange, we have received the latest corporate responsibility management tools for the use of our members.

Today, FIBS is the largest corporate responsibility network not only in Finland but also in the Nordic countries, and a unique, not-for profit promoter of sustainable business and developer of expertise. Our network already includes more than 300 companies and organisations that invest heavily in responsibility. Every year, our events gather thousands of corporate responsibility experts, decision-makers and influential people from all fields together to learn and be inspired by the latest practices and solutions in the field both from Finland and abroad.

Our goal is to inspire more and more Finnish companies to start developing productive solutions to local and global problems in cooperation with other companies and organisations, so that they can rise to the top of sustainable business globally.

Today, sustainable business is increasingly driven by the companies’ awareness about the world situation, their need to meet the expectations of their customers, investors and other interest groups, differentiate themselves from their competitors, manage risks, raise their value and ensure favourable operating conditions in future, too. We want to support this activity by offering our different member groups a tailored service and an opportunity to be profiled as pioneers and active developers of sustainable business.

FIBS Partners developing responsible business together with FIBS

FIBS produces member services in collaboration with consultants and other expert organizations specializing in different responsibility themes within the framework of the FIBS Partner programme.

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