How FIBS helps businesses develop responsibility expertise

30 kesäkuuta 2020

In addition to being the largest corporate responsibility network in Finland and in the Nordic countries, FIBS is also the leading promoter of sustainable business and developer of expertise. Since each company has different needs and goals in terms of responsibility, our members can choose a service package that best suits their needs: either FIBS Basic or FIBS Pro.

What all our services have in common is the tailored contents offered to companies and the peer support network formed by our constantly growing group of members. FIBS’ versatile services can be used, for example, to support companies’ internal training and communications, as they are available to all our member organizations’ employees.

Below you will find a summary of our services, but we will gladly to tell you more about them, contact:

FIBS Basic – Stay up to date

The FIBS Basic service is aimed at companies wanting to stay up to date with the latest trends and practices, gain a comprehensive perspective on sustainable business, be inspired to develop a successful business, and network with other experts and influencers. FIBS Basic service includes i.a. dozens of events and research, information and news services:

Learn something new – virtually!

You can find dozens of webinar recordings and FIBS Forum event recordings on our newsroom, on various responsibility themes, some in English. Our archive is constantly updated: you will find our upcoming webinars and seminars in our event calendar.

Expand your network in the FIBS Forum events

FIBS Forum events bring together a large number of industry experts, decision-makers and other influencers from companies and organisations, all under the same roof. You can also stream the Forum events. For example, see Maailmaa muuttavat kumppanuudet -event, which is open and free for everyone.

Discuss ways to do impactful business

The aim of FIBS Impact events is to accelerate sustainable business, both among our member companies and in the society at large. See Fighting corruption in global markets.

Find background information on different responsibility themes

FIBS organizes on average of 80 events a year, with presentation materials included in the membership. The presentations provide useful background information and practical business case examples on numerous responsibility themes.

Responsible solutions to current themes

"Vastuullisia ratkaisuja koronaan" publication series is one example of ways in which FIBS supports companies even in exceptional times. In our monthly member letters, we compile comprehensive information packages and the latest news on current topics.

Research to support development work

FIBS's research and studies exhibit the focus points of Finnish companies' responsibility activities. FIBS members have access to extensive research reports that provide useful comparative information to support their own development work.

Go further with FIBS

The FIBS Delegation service helps to steer you in the program jungle of major international events and find the best contacts. See, for example, the delegation to the Human Rights Forum in 2019.

Additional benefits from FIBS' international partners

Thanks to FIBS's international collaboration networks, our members can, for example, participate in webinars produced by our partners and get acquainted with various responsibility themes at our events under the guidance of top foreign experts. See, for example, Vision 2050 Refresh - Regional engagement workshop Finland.

The latest news in the field from Finland and the world

On behalf of its members, FIBS comprehensively monitors the news in the corporate responsibility field, and in our monthly membership letter we compile the latest research, publications and other news relevant to Finnish companies from Finland and the world. According to our membership survey, 94% of our members consider the membership letter to be an important news channel.

News in social media

On our LinkedIn page corporate responsibility experts and others interested in sustainability can find information about our future events and other membership benefits. On Twitter, we share information about our members' responsibility activities and the most interesting news in the field. Follow us on social media today!

Visibility for your responsibility work

FIBS members can gain additional visibility for their own responsibility work among new target groups through FIBS newsletters, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Through us, you can reach thousands of corporate responsibility experts, decision makers and influencers from companies to organizations and public sector actors. 

Visibility for consultants and service providers

Those who look for corporate responsibility consulting are increasingly seeking for information on service providers on FIBS's website. Our list of corporate responsibility consultants and expert services is open to all our members who provide services in the field, from all industries, from small to large. 

Build your reputation as a FIBS partner

The two-year FIBS Partner program is aimed at companies and other organizations that want to grow their reputation, find new customer contacts, stay one step ahead of competitors and accelerate sustainable business in Finland. All FIBS members can apply for the program.

A sign of corporate responsibility pioneer

As a FIBS member, companies are involved in accelerating sustainable business together with other pioneers of corporate responsibility. All our members can communicate their membership by using the FIBS logo on their websites and other channels.

FIBS Pro – Deepen your expertise

The FIBS Pro service is aimed at companies wanting to deepen responsibility expertise within the entire organization, join a unique sparring and peer support network, and raise responsibility management rapidly and cost-effectively to the next level. In addition to all the above-mentioned FIBS Basic services, the FIBS Pro service includes i.a. training sessions and a senior management discussion forum:

Unique support network

Companies which have chosen FIBS Pro service form a unique FIBS Peers network, where experts from pioneering companies can exchange ideas in confidence. At FIBS Pro events, you can also hear about practices that cannot be found on the company websites or in the annual reports.

Familiarize yourself with current themes in small groups

The FIBS Focus groups meet 3-4 times and discuss relevant corporate responsibility issues in a facilitated and confidential setting and seek solutions under the guidance of experts in the field. See, for example, Future of Sustainability Reporting

Roll up your sleeves in our trainings

In FIBS Practice trainings you hear inspiring company examples and will do practical exercises facilitated by top experts in various themes. See, for example, the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Services

A discussion forum for senior management

At FIBS Leader events, members of board of management and board of directors receive the latest information on, e.g. corporate responsibility business opportunities and have the chance to confidentially exchange views with other corporate executives. See, for example, Responsibility in the work of senior management.

Develop your skills as a mentor or as an actor

FIBS provides a unique opportunity to develop your corporate responsibility knowledge via a light mentoring program. All FIBS members can apply as a mentor and all FIBS Pro members can apply as an actor. Check out the mentoring program.

Advertise vacancies

FIBS Pro membership benefits include the opportunity to publish corporate responsibility recruitment vacancies in FIBS member letters and social media channels. Through us, you can reach corporate responsibility professionals from more than 300 companies and organizations.

A sign of an active corporate responsibility developer

All FIBS Pro members have an access to the FIBS Pro badge, which can be used to communicate their active commitment to responsibility. The badge can be published e.g. websites, annual reports and other channels.

Become a member or upgrade your membership!

All companies and organizations that want to promote responsible business can become FIBS members. You can apply to become a member by filling the membership application form.

If your organization is already a member of FIBS, but you want to upgrade to FIBS Pro, subscribe to FIBS Pro and take your membership to the next level.

Information about FIBS membership fees can be found here and information about  membership policies and rules here.

For more information about FIBS membership and our services, please contact:

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