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Moving ahead with sustainable development - Business Impact on SDGs

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were introduced over two and half years ago. SDGs are material for businesses: according to FIBS study "BISNES 2030" 99% of Finnish companies see that the Goals are relevant for their business and 97% are contributing to the Goals.

However, till date most business focus has been on mapping the existing business and sustainability agenda against the Goals. Few companies have moved beyond this exercise. Companies have been criticized e.g. for cherry-picking and focusing solely on positive impacts; forgetting the negative ones.

It’s time to move ahead from mapping to impact. If companies want to be sustainability forerunners, they will have to raise their ambition levels and integrate the SDGs into their business strategies and operations. Before any meaningful integration will happen, companies will have to define those areas that matter the most. Here the starting point is the impact, and not solely the impact on the companies’ bottom line but also the impact on environment, society and economy: companies should focus on those goals and targets where they have the greatest current and potential impact – including the negative impact – and where they can really make a difference.

SDG framework is a powerful agenda: it sets the direction for sustainable development. It can also help companies to better align their business with the requirements of sustainable development – so addressing the risks for businesses and tapping the opportunities.


This one day FIBS training introduces the participants to SDG impact assessment. After this training, you

  • can define why your company should prioritize SDGs by impact
  • can evaluate your company’s potential contribution – both positive and negative – on Sustainable Development Goals and targets
  • have an idea on how to assess your company’s current contribution on Sustainable Development Goals

This, in turn, helps you and your company to

  • prioritize amongst the multiple issues and (re-)define the focus
  • evaluate the current strategy or build a new business / sustainability strategy
  • better assess the risks on business
  • allocate the resources
  • communicate credibly on sustainability efforts and targets.

FIBS arranges this training in collaboration with DNVGL. The training day consists of expert presentations, group discussions and individual work where participants begin the assessment work using the DNVGL’s framework for SDG impact assessment.

The training is delivered by Jason Perks, Principal Consultant of DNVGL.


The detailed programme will be announced later. 

Date, venue & participation fees


Friday 15th June 2018




DNVGL, Keilasatama 5, Espoo (By metro: Keilaniemi metro station, Exit F)

Participation fees

Free of charge for FIBS members

Further information

Miira Kokkonen, p. 044 367 3632, miira.kokkonen(at)fibsry.fi

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