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Digitalization boosting better business


Digitalization is changing how we do business and what we do as a business. It has already had significant impacts on every employee and function, affecting business processes from manufacturing and marketing to stakeholder engagement and corporate reporting. The change is rapidly gaining speed, and in the future, will have even greater impact on us as investors, managers, employers, employees or customers.

Also, Corporate Responsibility (CR) as well as sustainability issues have become increasingly important over the last few decades. CR and sustainability aspects are linked to every decision taken in any company, and management of CR initiatives is becoming increasingly challenging as pressure from stakeholders increases and operations of corporations are become more complex and global.

Very little has been discussed about the linkages of these two top trends of our time – rapid digitalization of business operations and CR and sustainability requirements faced by today’s corporations.

Digitalization can be a solution to many challenges faced in CR management and can offer opportunities for improved efficiency in e.g. supply chain management and responsibility reporting – not to mention communication to stakeholders and investors. Digitalization can also be harnessed to improve unbiased and therefore more objective and lucrative decision making for example in Human Resource processes. On the other hand, failure to understand and analyze the impacts of digitalized corporate processes will lead to increased risks and threats to corporations.

Come to FIBS’ event to learn more about how your company can harness the digital solutions to improve your business practices in a sustainable way.

The program of the event will be confirmed later.

Can digitalization boost responsible business? Let us know about your solutions!

FIBS is looking for case esamples how companies have already harnessed digital solutions to improve business practices in a sustainable way. Does your company have something to share on this topic? Do you know an expert who could share interesting insights into the topic? If so, please let us know! Contact helena.kekki(at)fibsry.fi or tel.+358 50 3451966


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Date, venue & fees


Thursday 2.11.2017




TBC, Helsinki


The event is free of charge for members of FIBS. For non-FIBS members, the fee of 250 € + (VAT) will be charged. 

Further information

Helena Kekki, 050 3451 966, helena.kekki(at)fibsry.fi


Registrate to the event here