FIBS is the leading CR network in Finland



Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS is the leading non-profit corporate responsibility network in Finland. Founded in 2000, we have currently over 200 members, most of them large companies.

In addition to companies we welcome companies' different stakeholders such as NGOs, universities and various interest groups to join our network, in order to create a unique platform of expertise and diversity upon which we can undertake our activites and provide the best services and added value to members.

Our mission is to promote financially, socially and ecologically sustainable business in Finland by supporting our members' CR strategy and initiatives. We believe responsibility and sustainability are crucial success factors for companies competing for customers, best employees as well as investors.

FIBS has a multipartner approach in all of its activities. We consult and co-operate with political ministries, NGOs, trade unions, industry and business associations, and other interest groups, as well as other CR networks in Europe and globally. FIBS is member of CSR Europe, CSR 360 Global Partner Network and Global Reporting Iniative GRI. We are also GRI's Data Partner in Finland.

To our members we offer:

  • information about the latest research, tools and best practices
  • peer support for the long-term management of responsible business and the creation of new practices through a peer network
  • contacts to decision makers and opinion leaders, as well as, new potential partners and clients
  • visibility of members' own responsible practices on the FIBS website, newsletters, and events.

Please read more about our member services and other activities here.