Sustainability & corporate responsibility

HKA 0317

Sustainability and corporate responsibility promote innovation within companies, enhance risk management and enable growth that is in line with sustainable development. Corporate responsibility also helps to secure healthy business conditions in the long run.

In addition, doing business responsibly is absolutely necessary for society's well-being. Corporations play a key role in resolving the Earth's economic, social and ecologic problems. In the best-case scenario, corporate responsibility improves people's everyday life and  environmental conditions directly.

Sustainability brings competitive edge as the company can offer something that the competitors do not have. New business prospects are most likely to be found when responsibility is the starting point of the business activity. By creating solutions to societal problems, a company can respond to expectations from customers, stakeholders, personnel and investors and stand out from its competitors.

FIBS helps companies to find competitive advantage in responsibility: We supply information about the trends in corporate responsibility, about the best practices and responsibility tools. In addition, we offer companies a possibility to exchange information and experiences and to learn and brainstorm new ideas together with different stakeholder groups.

Sustainability offers companies a competitive edge when

  • The company does more than the law requires. In other words, when it offers solutions that effect the society positively and something that its competition doesn’t
  • The company integrates sustainability across all its business and turns sustainability goals and promises into action
  • The company helps its customers to make responsible, ethical and sustainable choices by communicating about its products and services in a understandable yet intresting way