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FIBS’s trainings offer the members a possibility to deepen their know-how on current CSR themes, hear about other companies’ and actors’ solutions and practices as well as network and find potential benchmark partners.

Themes of the trainings are selected within the same principle whereby we plan all our activities: the themes are significant in terms of companies’ business and socially important in a large scale. While defining the significance and the importance of the themes, we take our members requests and views, CSR trends in Finland and elsewhere in the world as well as the economic life’s focuses into consideration.

In addition to comprehensive two to four day trainings FIBS organizes smaller thematic workshops both separate entities and as part of seminars. Please see our events calendar for further information. 


Human Rights Training Programme

FIBS helps companies to map the risks and impacts, develop a human rights action plan and embed human rights into company operations. During autumn 2017, FIBS organizes its member companies human rights training course.All the seminars, workshops and Master Class Programme are open and free of charge for all FIBS' members.

Natural Capital Training Programme 2017

The Natural Capital Training helps companies to identify and manage their own impacts on nature as well as consider services and advantages nature offers their business. The training is a continuation of FIBS’ Biodiversity Master Class Programme.