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Founded in 2000, we have currently nearly 270 members, most of them large companies. Our mission is to promote financially, socially and ecologically sustainable business in Finland by supporting our members' CR strategy and initiatives. Find out more about us. 




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In search of Meaningful Progress with Dr Jason Fox


Bestselling author, leadership adviser and Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year Dr Jason Fox visited Finland and FIBS to share his thoughts on motivation and progress. Find out how to find a sens of meaningful progress in the hustle and bustle of modern work and read more.


Read also our review on Fox´s latest book How to Lead a Quest








The World at Finland´s doorstep - interview with Bruce Oreck


Former ambassador Bruce Oreck met with FIBS to discuss foreign talent, diversity and migration. Read the full interview.


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FIBS Publication: Added Value from Nature


Environmental responsibility has been part of the business agenda since the 1990s. Nevertheless, most businesses have not yet grasped the concepts of biodiversity and the natural ecosystem services that it enables, meaning productive, cultural, regulatory and maintenance services. Download the free publication


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FIBS Survey: Sustainability in Finland 2016


The results of the Sustainability in Finland 2016 were reveald in March. What are the newest trends in sustainability for Finnish companies? Read more