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FIBS is Finland’s leading corporate responsibility network. We help companies in making better business: we provide information on new innovative ways to develop business and offer unique networking opportunites with companies from different sectors as well as with other organisations. Our services include events, training and coaching, newsletters, and publications. FIBS has currently nearly 300 members, most of which are large companies.




Companies and financial institutions driving sustainability


Banks cannot save the environment - but it cannot be saved without banks, was one of the key messages of the seminar organozed by SEB and FIBS. Read more


New business from SDGs


The event ”How to make SDGs your business - 17 insights into global markets" was organized in September in Helsinki. The event gathered together over 200 representatives from companies and other organizations to discuss about the business opportunities provided by sustainable development and how to speed up entering into new markets on a global level. Read more




In search of Meaningful Progress with Dr Jason Fox


Bestselling author, leadership adviser and Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year Dr Jason Fox visited Finland and FIBS to share his thoughts on motivation and progress. Find out how to find a sense of meaningful progress in the hustle and bustle of modern work. Read also our review on Fox´s latest book How to Lead a Quest


The World at Finland´s doorstep - interview with Bruce Oreck


"Diversity cannot be just window dressing, it should be in the company’s DNA. In the end it’s the ideas that matter, not the origin of people," says Bruce Oreck, former ambassador to Finland in his interview with FIBS discussing foreign talent, diversity and migration. Read the full interview.


Customers and investors play an ever bigger role in corporate sustainability


According to FIBS Sustainability Survey 2016, customers, owners as well as investors have a bigger impact on corporate sustainability functions compared to to the previous year. Also the amount of concrete sustainability actions has increased in all CR themes and effort for CR management has increased throughout. Download the report here.

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FIBS Publications - Added Value from Nature


Environmental responsibility has been part of the business agenda since the 1990s. Nevertheless, most businesses have not yet grasped the concepts of biodiversity and the natural ecosystem services that it enables, meaning productive, cultural, regulatory and maintenance services. Download the free publication here


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